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CogniServe is an IT Advisory and IT Resource Outsourcing company with a raison d’être of providing value to its clients by offering intimate knowledge and expertise in Information and Communication Technology in the services and manufacturing sectors.

We provide value to our clients by dedicating a unique set of skills that empowers IT teams to be proactive and relevant by establishing well-structured systems, procedures and policies within a robust management framework.
This is to dramatically reduce ad-hoc configurations and setups which typically lead to numerous instance of “fire-fighting” and difficult problem source identification.

We provide expert advise and creative ideas to manage your data.

Our Services

IT Strategy Review and Development
Our focus is to guide the clients’ ICT team to develop a value oriented IT Strategy which is properly aligned to the overall organizational strategy.
IT Governance Framework Disaster Recovery Planning
Though often overlooked, organizations, whatever their size need to ensure that the IT department is properly setup and managed to sustain their strategies and objectives. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the large and more regulated the organization, the more detailed the governance structure should be.
Infrastructure Planning and Growth Strategies

Generally, organizations do not regard proper layout, organization and security of server rooms and datacenters as a mission critical issue; being the locus and brain of all network extensions and processing, it is essential that it is accorded needed priority.

Electronic Document Management
There is now the utmost need to unify the management of physical and electronic documents across every enterprise no matter the industry, products or services offered. This will ensure consistent application of policy management and enforcement of company policies and processes in relation to all records, no matter where they are located, what format they are in or where they have been created.
Project Management Support
Most IT projects fail due to lack of proper planning or execution. Our team offers over a decade of experience in Project Planning and Execution to enable our clients deliver projects in a cost effective and timely manner.
Cloud Migrations
With the current increasing value provided by full or hybrid cloud implementation, organizations looking to maximize IT investment need to carefully consider cloud implementations that will be suitable to their needs. Our team of experts can enable forward looking companies to evaluate, plan and implement their options.
System Administration
Our team of well trained and experienced system administrators can be placed at your service (on schedule or demand only) for an agreed rate per month.
Software Application Sourcing and Deployment
Our team can help you navigate the murky waters of core software implementation to ensure a successful outcome.


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